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The company "Atkaru Telecom zhane Sauda Kompanyasy"

The head office of LLP "Atkaru Telecom zhane Sauda Kompanyasy" is in Astana St. Seifullina 57/1.

The company's main activities are focused on the realization of electrical, telecommunication and cable and wire products. For the design, construction and installation works on the market works on installation department, installation of digital exchanges and computer networks. Over 20 years of experience in the market of Kazakhstan, the company acquired its own specific traditions in the field of implementation in the field of telecommunications network solutions.

We offer advanced IP ATS Panasonic technology that reflect the current needs of our numerous clients. LLP "Atkaru Telecom zhane Sauda Kompanyasy" supplies telecommunication equipment Panasonic, server cabinets (cabinets), SCS 19-inch components and products of the largest Russian plants of cables and wires.

And all of this - a good quality and at affordable prices for our customers!

Thanks to the professional approach to their work and respect for customers, the company "Atkaru Telecom zhane Sauda Kompanyasy" has gained a good reputation and loyal customers.

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