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IP-АТС Panasonic - KX-TDE600RU

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Описание товара 

• Support of functions of the previous generation of automatic telephone exchange (KX-TDA600) all without any exception

• Limit capacity of system: to 640 external lines, to 1152 internal lines, 512 mobile subscribers

• To 640 external IP lines, including no more than 32 external SIP lines

• To 672 system IP phones

• To 128 SIP telephones of third-party vendors

• Support of SIP trunks (according to the RFC3261, 3262, 3264, 3311, 4028 protocols)

• Embedded basic functions of voice mail (2 channels)

• A single system of registration and the accounting of calls of automatic telephone exchange (SMDR) on a network with the increased record count

• Transmission of faxes on an IP network (support of the T.38 protocol)

• Compatibility with new models of system IP phones and consoles of the NT300 series

• Compatibility with the new 8-channel base station of a DECT

• A possibility of remote administration and up-dating of several automatic telephone exchanges on a network

• Programming maxims similar to KX-TDA

• Support of a polygonal conference

• Complete compatibility with automatic telephone exchange of the KX-TDA series

• Operation with a packet of CTI applications

• Compatibility with different interfaces, applications and networks.

• Built-in CTI server (Communication Assistant)

• Support of video transmission for internal sip-subscribers (program and hardware)

• Mobile integration. Possibility of use of gsm of phones as internal telephone subscribers.

• Additional opportunities for control and use of-headed mail and the voice menu thanks to operation with processors.