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Production "Atkaru Telecom zhane Sauda Kompanyasy" LLP 

Official partner of LLC Kabelny Alyans Holding and dealer of LLC TD Sevkabel-Saransk, LLC Saranskkabel-Optika
• Cables electro; 
• Communication wires; 
• Cables are fiber-optic;
• Radio and for television; 
• coaxial cables for video surveillance;
• Cables for data transfer;
• Cables of the fire warning; 
• Pipes polyethylene and corrugated D 16 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63;
• Sleeves for communication wires; 
• Cables EUROLAN, Euronet, ECS, Legrand, GETEK, Molex.

• Wires telephone communications; 
• Wires electro;
• Cords and wires of heating of concrete;
• Cable plastic channels and accessories from 10 mm to 160 mm;
• Metal cable trays for intra network backbones.

Equipment, electro:
• Shitki of lighting, breakers, sockets and boxes open and under plaster;
• Single-phase and three-phase counters. Equipment of communication, radio and TV;
• Distributive cabinets and boxes, boxes;
• Insulators, крючья, wood-grouse and cable platforms;
• Wells, manholes, brackets, consoles and and/c pipes with delivery;
• Transformers, radiostoik, antennas TV amplifiers.

 The official dealer of IP Panasonic in the city of Astana
• Telephone analog, digital, IP of the station Panasonic, Siemens. (A configuration at the request of the customer);
• Telephone sets, cordless telephones and faxes;
• Equipment of video of observation Panasonic;
• A system conference for halls and meetings of Panasonic;
• Modems for the ADSL and ISDN network (the project Megalayn Astanatelekom);
• Equipment of firm to "Krone", plinths, tools, boxes, and cabinets;
• Materials of 19 inches (cabinets, panel patch, organizers and sockets);
• Equipment for optics: panels, boxes, sleeves, pikteyla and cords;
• Sound intensifying hardware (amplifiers, converters, microphones);
• Loudspeakers: ceiling, wall, street;
• Switches for conference calls and park chatter boxes;
• Accumulators and fasteners;
• Cable plastic channels and accessories.